Modern Backend Theme
Odoo community backend theme for version 15.0

Odoo Modern Backend Theme

Modern Theme is a backend theme for Odoo version 15 Community Edition. This theme is developed open source in collaboration with Fadoo team.

In the modern theme, an attempt has been made to use color palettes and modern styles to make the main views of Odoo available to the user in a more standard and modern way.

You can see the changed views below:

1. Modules View: Changing the background color of the modules view to the standard blue color with color code #5a8dee

Odoo modules view

2. Form View: Change input, select and text fields to box and modern design, change buttons, change tabs, change chatter view and other changes.

Odoo form view

3. List View:  Change row and column spacing, add border, change item selection.

Odoo list view

4. Card View:  Highlight cards, change the internal layout of cards and other changes.

Odoo card view

5. Kanban View:  Change in column headers, change in columns, highlight cards and change internal layout of cards.

Odoo kanban view

6. Mail View:  Changing the list of users and groups, changing the meeting, changing the message box for the message sent by the current user and other users, changing the message reply and editing the message and other changes.

Odoo mail view

7. Calendar View:  Changing the sidebar calendar, changing attendance, changing the year, month, week and day view, changing events and other changes.

Odoo calendar view

8. Pivot View:  Highlight pivot,  changing the paddings and change in title rows and columns.

Odoo pivot view

9. Graph View:  Highlight graph and changing the paddings.

Odoo graph view

10. Activity View:  Changing the list of users, changing the paddings, changing the headers, changing the color and other changes.

Odoo activity view

11. Dashboard View: Changing colors, changing header boxes, modifying and fixing bugs in single, two and three column views and other changes.

Odoo dashboard view

12. POS View:  Changing product cards, changing colors, changing paddings, changing invoice previews and other changes.

Odoo POS view

In addition to the changes made in the views, general changes such as changes in the header of the modules, changes in the tree views, changes in the modals and other changes have also been applied to the modules.

To download the modern theme from the Odoo app store, just install it through the link below and enjoy it:

Download free from Odoo App Store

And to keep up with the release notes and the latest changes, just follow our GitHub page:

Github Page

And for video previews and tutorials on working with modern theme, follow us on YouTube:

Youtube Channel

Thank you for your attention, you can contact our team for any questions or suggestions about Modern Theme

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Good luck.